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I dedicate this blog to comics in all forms, manga, autobio, superhero, art books, etc.  And of course, since I need a challenge, I've decided that I'll read and write (short) reviews for 365 comics during 2015.

Thing 9 was fun.

Thing 9, take and edit photos.  Easy.


So I added LINE camera to the iPad as well as one called Pic Jointer (Pic Joiner must have been taken).  I chose Pic Jointer because it appeared in the results when I searched the app store for LINE camera. (I don't know why it's all caps).  Lemurs Inserted oN Everyone.  Let's Impress, Neo Energy!  (I channeled Engrish for that).  Anyway it looked interesting because the thumbnail implied that it made collages, so I downloaded it.  


You know what didn't show up when I searched LINE camera?  That's right, the eponymous app.  Whatevs.


I started LINE camera first and took a selfie.  Then I scrolled through the not completely, though seemingly, endless options for selfie optimization.  The filters; there were many, with such hilarious names, that kept me entertained for a minute on it's own.  Stamps.  Tons, and even more if you need to stamp, say Doraemon, onto your selfie.  I chose a free stamp, a black and white Easter Island head, which I stamped onto my forehead.  I then used the paint tool to create a red dashed line under the statue and some black exclamation marks around it's head.  Satisfied, I added the final touch, a caption that read, "It comes and goes."  I was surprised and also pleased to see the amount of fonts available, almost too many, with more you can download.  Then I chose a font color and what...more flipping options...this is taking forever...but I'm still having fun!  Now I can add a border to the text in another color, or a shadow.  I can stamp the text all over my face if I want to, and undo, if I actually don't.


Then, once I was totally satisfied with my awesome selfie, I could easily add it to my Fbook or Twit feed.  I was like whut.  But then I tapped, "others" and found that for once, I could just as easily add it to my Google Drive.  I am satisfied.  


Then I tried Pic Jointer.  I should have known that something with such a ridiculous name wouldn't be much to look at.  It wasn't hard to use and seemed to have a lot of similar features as LINE, but wasn't as user friendly and ads kept popping up whenever I tapped anything.  Annoying.  Don't bother.


I went back to LINE camera and found that they actually have a collage maker too, which I think would make great little library ads, show off a few key areas of the library, or the three steps to check out a book, etc.


I would try others, like the Color Splurge, but I think it would be along the same lines, more fun.


That's not to say I'm getting an iPhone, H.