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I dedicate this blog to comics in all forms, manga, autobio, superhero, art books, etc.  And of course, since I need a challenge, I've decided that I'll read and write (short) reviews for 365 comics during 2015.

Get some Things done!

I am a procrastinator.  So, I'm often saying to myself, "I need to get things done!"  I make lists and if I manage to cross one off in a day, while pathetic, that's about as good as it gets for me.


So today, it's an epic feat.  I'm going to do these things and I'm going to cross them off.


Thing 6: Creating and Editing Docs.  (On a mobile device).


First off, if I'm creating and editing docs anywhere, I'm probably using Google Drive, not Microsoft Word and I think more and more people will be saying that in the future.  Why pay the exorbitant cost for Word when Google Docs or Libre Office will fit the bill for free? 


That said, I did get the Microsoft Office spread when I was able to get it cheap from work.  However...I actually do use Google Drive more, since I can access it from any computer without having to constantly save my work or lug around one of those dorky flash drives.


Again, it hurt not to have my own iPad or other mobile device.  Since I was accessing the programs from a shared work iPad I didn't want to clog the device with my own personal information etc.


So, I just downloaded the Google Drive app, opened a recent document and started typing.  Or should I say thumbing.  My attention span for creating a document in this manner was gone in about 30 seconds.  I can't imagine anyone really wanting to sit, holding an iPad to write anything.  Those cell phone novelists must have some wicked thumb dexterity.  


I also downloaded SignNow and had some fun finger painting my siggy and adding it to the sample document.  When I tried to download word documents from my email (I was using the website not the app) it wouldn't work, so I gave up. 


Seriously, I don't expect I'd need SignNow.  It was fun for about a minute, but then I thought, do I need this or do I need finger paint with sound?  Cute noises are a lot more fun than business.


So, Onward and Thingward.


Thing 7: Content Saving and Sharing


Content Saving?  Who saves URLs?  I'm sure some people do it, but I'm not really one of them.  Recently, the library I work for has decided to excise all the subject guides with their many web links from the public website.  At first I panicked a little, I admit, but then I realized I was just afraid and hateful of change.  I looked through the guides trying to decide which links I needed to save and found that I didn't really use any of them.  If I want IRS forms I just google the form number or even IRS.  I don't follow the long path of clicks from our website to the IRS site.


So, I installed the Bitly app on the iPad and created an account.  First I glanced at the "Trending Links" and found myself reading an article about a Michigan woman who fired into a drive-thru window when an employee left the bacon off her sandwich.  Was I supposed to link that?  I think not.


So I thought I'd make my own.  Lack of inspiration had me enter BookLikes.com which was 'shortened' and added to my list.  What now? I decided I needed a longer link to shorten. So I went to Hark, A Vagrant to copy some long comic link, I copied the link very easily, yay, and headed back to Bitly.  Since I'd already opened the Add a link page to paste into, when the app detected the fact that I'd copied a link it brought up a new window.  Unfortunatly the keyboard, which was up, waiting for me to type into, totally obscured the new window, so I couldn't tap yes to add my new link.  ARGH!  I tried to get rid of the keyboard, by hitting enter, by swiping my fingers across the iPad various ways, with various digits, added some thought curses, but finally I just closed and reopened the app which did the trick.  Still, how annoying.


Let's try adding a trending link again.  I found one, "The Shortest and most accurate history of the world you'll ever read," the title of which I thought, could be shortened.  Which, coincidentally is what Bitly does.  Why?  I'm not really sure.  


I've been a member of StumbleUpon for years, this is similar to that in a way, only the app almost requires users to belong to Twitter or Facebook.  When I went to 'share' this amazing article with all my friend I used email (because I'm that uncool).  Many people have numbers in their email addresses, and using Bitly, each time a number is entered the keyboard switches back to letters.  Which was very annoying.


Bitly did not impress me.  Using it was like using the internet only through a pin hole.  Maybe I just don't get it. 


I was going to work on Thing 8, but since I was so put off by these other two, and I hate social media, I think I leave it for next time.