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Super Hero Repo People

The Paybacks Volume 1: Payback's A Bitch - Donny Cates, Eliot Rahal, Geoff Shaw

The world of the paybacks is one that I can totally get behind.  You know those super heroes that start out as billionaire playboys, able to use their wealth in order to fund their crime stopping, vigilante, hobbies?  Yeah, there’s actually not a lot of those around.  Instead those who would be heroes rely on loans to purchase their super suits, invisible jets and super hero branded gadgetry.  But what happens when they don’t pay back their loan?  They get a visit from the Paybacks, their secret lair, all their guns and tech and insignia are repossessed and they join the ranks of the Paybacks, super hero repo people, until such time as their debts are paid.


The characters are somewhat interesting, there is a lady vampire, a dude with guns, a big Russian ninja, a sasquatch with a catchphrase he’s trying to trend.  Night Knight is just trying to do his thing when he gets nabbed by the Paybacks and forced into indenture, but just who is behind the paybacks and what is their real goal and what group is behind the recent chain of deaths of super heroes on their repo list?  Assassins that wear suits that kill them if they're caught don’t answer a lot of questions.

I don’t know.  I like the concept, but I had a hard time getting into the story.  I wish it was more like the movie Repo Man.  I’d read a comic continuation of that any day!  As for the art, again it was good, but in the typical style of the genre, nothing surprising or new to note, I always like it when I can tell a distinct style of a particular artist, or when an artist does something that I’ve never seen before.  Neither of those things happened here, which isn’t necessarily bad, but it doesn’t distinguish itself from the crowd either.