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I Did it!

Terrariums Reimagined: Mini Worlds Made in Creative Containers - Kat  Geiger

Kind of!  Using this beautiful guide as a starting point I decided to make some interesting plant containers to add a little green in my grayish winter world.


Since I wanted mainly to use stuff I already had instead of going out to buy more junk, I just went through my basement to gather most of the supplies (except the plants, which I did buy from a local nursery).  


I think they turned out okay, but I certainly didn't follow the instructions of the book exactly, especially since I only was able to find two vessels that had covers.  So I ended up with only one true 'terrarium.'  The rest are open at the top, but I like that I ended up with an interesting arrangement of various glass container plants.





The other thing I would note, is if you're just beginning make sure to find a nursery that employs helpful people.  The one I went to seemed like a nice place and was very well-stocked, organized (except for having very few signs) and clean.  However, of the two people I spoke to, one was nice, but unknowledgeable, and the other ignored me in favor of a cat.  


I'm not kidding.  I was told to go back to one section of the store for plants that are good for terrariums and 'fairy gardens' and there would be someone back there.  At first there was nobody there, so I just started to look around.  While I was browsing through plants, with the helpful signs that said, "2" Plants 1.99," a woman entered the room.  I looked up and said, "Hi!" hoping to get her attention.  She completely ignored me and proceeded to walk through the room, stopping to greet a cat that was wandering through, she put down a box, talked to the cat, then left, all while I stood nearby, waiting to talk to her.  She never even looked at me.


So, even though I felt that I came prepared, with a list of items from the Terrarium book, nothing in the store was labeled.  So I ended up just trying to remember what the plants in the pictures (the book had really great images) looked like and then just picking plants that were pretty (and cheapish to tell the truth).


Then I went home and laid down a lot of newspaper, set out all my supplies and set to work.  I had a bunch of rocks, most of which were from various public beaches in Door County, Wisconsin and beaches around the Seattle area.  I also had some mulch left over from a different project, lots of beach glass also left over, wooden chopsticks, a vinegar bottle, some various other glass vessels and a whiskey bottle that ended up just being too small.  Water to pour in and water to spray in depending on the vessel and shells to decorate.



It was quite a process and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be to plant things using only chopsticks to dig holes and plant delicate little plants.  I made a huge mess, so it was good I put down the newspaper.  I even accidentally set down a box on one of the little plants, luckily it was a hardy little guy and managed to get by only losing one fuzzy leaf.  



But, I did have a good time, even though my results weren't quite as cool as the projects in Terrariums Reimagined.  This project might be more fun in the summer, outdoors.





I did this about two-weeks ago, and I'm happy to report all the plants are still alive!  (For now).  The book is definitely a good guide and I'd definitely recommend it for anyone interested in making cool terrariums.  The directions are very easy to follow and even if, unlike me, one wants to follow the directions exactly and purchase the materials specific to each project, it wouldn't be very expensive to do so.


The next project I plan to do is making paper, if I ever find those supplies somewhere...