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I dedicate this blog to comics in all forms, manga, autobio, superhero, art books, etc.  And of course, since I need a challenge, I've decided that I'll read and write (short) reviews for 365 comics during 2015.

Frights and Eye Candy

Ajin: Demi-Human, Volume 1 - Tsuina Miura, Gamon Sakurai Adventure Time: Eye Candy vol. 1 - Shannon Watters, Paul Pope The Witcher: Volume 2 - Fox Children - Paul Tobin, Joe Querio Harrow County #1 - Tyler Crook, Cullen Bunn

It was a good thing I looked at the first volume of Adventure Time Eye Candy last, because after Ajin, Harrow County and the Witcher I needed something sweet to take my eyes and my mind off bloody death and disturbing haints.


Ajin Demi-Human



Kei is just a regular high school student.  Until he gets hit by a car and survives with barely a scratch.  It turns out that he's a demi-human, creatures that are nigh-invulnerable and have superhuman abilities.  Creatures that are feared, hated and experimented on by humans, despite the fact that little separates them from their human friends and family.


Although this is primarily an action series, there are some introspective moments and big questions asked.  Kei starts out questioning everything.  From the start, before he realized that he was a Demi-human, Kei harbored questions of their treatment of a group of people who really aren't that different.  Demi-humans often don't know that they are different from a normal person unless they get into a situation where a normal person would die, like a car crash.


At one point a character wants Kei to hide what he is so that he can keep living in 'normal' society.  The series starts a war between the Demi-humans and the government, though violent and bloody, is like any person labelled 'different' has to fight for rights.  


Reminded me a bit of Death Note (only bloodier) where there are many moral grey-areas and where the characters struggle with the questions of what is right and what is just.


The Witcher Vol. 2 Fox Children



The Witcher gets roped into accompanying a group of traders, criminals and others on a rescue mission.  However, as the journey continues he realizes that everything is not as it seems and his mission is less than noble.


The storyline is ok, but nothing to write home about.  For gamers who enjoy the series, this will add to their enjoyment, the characters are presented well and the art is good.  There are many monster fights.


For those looking for monsters with a bit more oomph to a larger plot, try Baltimore by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden.


Harrow County


Just look at that cover.  Yes, this is an extremely creepy and atmospheric horror story.  It takes place in the South with creepy moss covered tree limbs and haints lurking in every shadow.  The story follows a young girl coming of age, and realizing some things about her role in her small town.


To whom does she belong?  The village?  Her father?  The voices in the woods?  Fans of Locke and Key will enjoy the horror mixed with family drama and interesting characters.


Adventure Time Eye Candy Vol.


After reading through pages of impalements, blood and gore splattering across the pages, skinless boys and women with dangerously sharp teeth, it was nice to give my eyes a little candy.


Adventure Time is such a sweet and fun story.  Even though it still has peeps with sharp teeth, it's just a little sour patch kid in the midst of a pastel paradise.  One of the aspects of Adventure Time that I enjoy most is the fact that so many artists are invited to be a part of it and this collection is yet another show of some amazing artworks.


If you want to find some new artists to look up, just skim through these pages and you'll have your answers.  I especially love the art by Jeffrey Brown, James Kochalka, Emily Carroll, J.J. Harrison (love the Totoro inspired cover) and Jon Vermilyea.