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I dedicate this blog to comics in all forms, manga, autobio, superhero, art books, etc.  And of course, since I need a challenge, I've decided that I'll read and write (short) reviews for 365 comics during 2015.

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Weak Messages Create Bad Situations: A Manifesto - David Shrigley Only Skin - Sean  Ford The Little World of Liz Climo - Liz Climo

Weak Messages Create Bad Situations


I don't have much to say about this one, except that it wasn't my cuppa.  Those who like Southpark probably will enjoy the humor here, good for you, not for me as Amy Poehler might say.


Only Skin


I really enjoyed this creepy story of bizarre murders in a small town.  Are people being killed by ghosts?  Aliens?  Other mysterious creatures in the woods?  What do they want and how can our characters stop the murders?


I liked the characters and their relationships a lot, and some of the discussions that happen throughout the narrative.  The twist ending seemed a bit forced and odd, didn't quite fit with the rest of the creepy theme set up through the rest of the book.


However, I still enjoyed it quite a bit.


The Little World of Liz Climo


Cute and humorous little comics.  Fans of Kate Beaton, and Cat Vs. Human will probably enjoy the quirky characters and their adulting troubles.  A quick read too.  Nice to flip through, though probably just check out Climo's webcomic for a humor fix.