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I dedicate this blog to comics in all forms, manga, autobio, superhero, art books, etc.  And of course, since I need a challenge, I've decided that I'll read and write (short) reviews for 365 comics during 2015.

I Think I Threw Up in My Mouth

Prison School, Vol. 1 - Akira Hiramoto

This was almost funny in how over the top it is.  Definitely not for fans of stories that make sense or have any real emotional investment in them.  I will not be reading any more of this, I skimmed most of it, but don't think I can stomach another go.  


The story starts out at a school that has recently changed from a girls only boarding school to a co-ed school.  Only 5 boys enroll.  The five boys are all total leches too.  A real set of creepsters.  It's obvious that the comic isn't really trying to be anything other than a goofy satiric take on graphic manga like Battle Royale where the situations go beyond ridiculous.  The whole point of the book was for the five guys to peep on the girls, but they get caught and are subsequently sent to the school's prison, which is run by a gang of psychotic secret school council members who are all bishoujo of the common types.


The rest of the story follows the boys as they try to escape the confines of the prison or at least get a good view of one of the council members panties.  It is so over-the-top it is almost funny, but well...I couldn't really laugh because of the stifling sexism.  I know that the series is not meant in any way to be realistic, but still...I just hate the way that all the characters are complete cardboard cutouts, no originality, nothing but sex dolls.  Just sad.


For example there is a scene where one of the characters, in an attempt to escape the prison is crawling through an underground tunnel and ends up directly below the sadistic prison guard girl as she does squats in her ridiculously tight school uniform with, also ridiculously tight, up the ass, panties.  Then she slips and ends up ramming her stiletto heel into the kids butt, which in turn causes his fellow inmates to believe he'd been having rough sex with one of the other prisoners.  Wow.  I think I'm actually making this sound even worse than it is by trying to explain it...but yeah.  It is what it is, which is kind of a terrible mash-up of all the worst tropes and perverted jokes. 


This is not for everyone (certainly not for me) and only those who are fond of extreme sexual humor would be able to make it through this extremely long, seriously 300 page, wankfest.  My poor poor brain.