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I dedicate this blog to comics in all forms, manga, autobio, superhero, art books, etc.  And of course, since I need a challenge, I've decided that I'll read and write (short) reviews for 365 comics during 2015.


Kiss Him, Not Me 1 - JUNKO

Serinuma Kae is a kind girl, at her school she's friendly with many cute boys, and loves to pair them up with each other.  Yup, Serinuma-san is a total fujoshi.  She's also chubby and wears huge glasses over her tiny eyes.  However, when her favorite bishounen dies (a fictional character BTW) she goes into mourning and doesn't get out of bed for week. During that time she transforms (magically is the only way I can put it) from chubby fujoshi into buxom bishoujo.


She returns to school transformed, apparently spending a week in bed will not only help you lose 50 pounds, but will also cure your astigmatism.  She no longer needs those round dorky glasses.  In classic reverse harem style (or Otome game) all four of her most bishie classmates suddenly and immediately want Serinuma-chan to be their gf.


But, because Serinuma is a fujoshi first and foremost she's not really interested in any of the guys like that, she'd rather watch them have intimate moments with each other... while she hides in a bush or something, the creeper.


So she ends up hanging out with four guys at the movies, at restaurants, in the library for study sessions, at her house looking at all her fujoshi collections, including a shrine to the dead character from the beginning.  And because Serinuma is cute, they accept all of this and take it in stride.  Will Serinuma-chan fall in love with one of the four lucky dudes, or will she get her fondest wish for them to fall in love with each other!?  Zaniness is sure to ensue.


I really don't like where this is coming from and where it's going.  The basic message to readers is that if you're hot you can get away with anything, but if you're not, no one will ever notice or like you.  In a way it's similar to Ouran High School Host Club, which starts out with a similar theme; our main protag Haruhi is mistaken for a boy by a group of bishies, however, when they figure out she is a girl all of them vie for her attention.


 However, it is less detestable in that the only transformation Haruhi has is switching a guy's uniform for a girl's.  Sure in some parts of the manga she ends up putting on dresses and makeup for some reason or another, but for the most part she remains the same in both appearance and attitude throughout the story.  I've always hated the whole 'ugly duckling' transforms into 'beautiful swan' and proves to the world that she was always beautiful on the inside blah blah blah.  Apparently no matter how beautiful you are on the inside, no one cares until they can see it on the outside.  And if you happen to be beautiful on the outside, but rotten (fujoshi literally means rotten girl) on the inside, that's fine.  We can work with that.


Sure, there are some funny moments, it is a shoujo manga after all, but not only is the premise completely unbelievable, one week would not change a person that much, but it's completely unlikable, telling girls that only by being stick thin, with big breasts, full lips and eyes, will one become popular.


So with the unoriginal and uninspiring premise, the fact that there are literally dozens of manga on this same theme, group of bishie staples (you know, sporty, the rebel, the class rep, the prince, a tsundere in glasses, etc.) and one slightly clueless hot bishojou.  Eh, I can pass. 


I'd rec Ouran High School Host Club or Hana-Kimi instead any day.  Those two series follow that same tried and true reverse harem premise, but bring a lot more heart and some better messages with them.