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LibraryJournal Brush Off

Username: Evie - Joe Sugg

I wasn't hugely impressed by the story or artwork of Username: Evie, but man, the review it got in LibraryJournal was way harsh.  Truthfully, I'd read this again rather than say, The Fray the new spin-off Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic.  


The story stars Evie, who, despite looking pretty attractive (skinny, nice hair and skin), somehow manages to be a social outcast.  I didn't get a real sense for why she was so universally hated that she had literally no friends.  Her cousin Mallory may be part of the problem, for some reason she hates Evie, and being the most popular girl at school has perks, mainly turning Evie into an untouchable.  Well, sometimes, other times Mallory can be normal or even nice to Evie.


When Evie's father dies he leaves her a program called E.scape so that she can have a place to go when the real world gets to be too harsh.  However, only minutes after she enters E.scape for the first time, Mallery follows her.


The world of E.scape is formed by interactions with the user.  While Evie is in control the world is pleasant and happy, but Mallory's malign presence causes the whole world to turn into a chaotic blend of Rage Virus and various supernatural forces.  


The problems here were that the story moved too quickly, it seemed implausible that Mallory, who really didn't seem that bad, would be able to corrupt a program as quickly as she did and why she did it (just for kicks?) also lacked a sense of reason.  Then, again, she flips and turns nice very quickly.  


I wouldn't call it a 'failed' graphic novel, just a first graphic novel.  Sugg's popularity on Youtube probably had some influence on the publication of the graphic novel, but it's too harsh to say his popularity eclipses the quality of the graphic novel.  Everyone needs to start somewhere and plotting/art will improve over time and further publications.  There are some interesting ideas here and the art is comparable to other successful graphic novels, though there is definite room for improvement (but then isn't there always?).


Sadly, the popularity of the creators of the Princeless series had no bearing on that horrible series being published.