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Dial H Deluxe Edition!

Dial H Deluxe Edition (The New 52) - China MiƩville, Alberto Ponticelli, Mateus Santolouco

Is a bit disappointing!


Usually when something is released as a 'deluxe edition' one would think that interviews with authors/artists would be included, extra art, original designs, scrapped storyboards, or other random bits and extra bobs would be added to the reprint of the original.


Well, I'm not going to request and look at the first editions of the Dial H comics to go through and see if anything extra was added/improved or changed within the comic.  But, it didn't seem like it to me.


There were no interviews, no introduction, no thanks to the fans.  There is an afterword by China Miéville where he reminisces about his chaotic consumption of comics as a kid and how he came across the H dial and became entranced by the ideas it represented.  How he'd been on about it to the DCU for the longest time before they said, 'Yes' and that's about it.  That's where it ends.  So DCU said, yes, but the story wasn't concluded yet, will there be more Dial H?  What about those artists who worked on the series, don't they have anything to say?


A one page afterword that doesn't say anything about the future, or really anything, hardly makes this 'deluxe.'  Sure there is some bits and bobs of character designs and pencils in the back, but only a few pages and nothing too interesting or even well scanned (some were so grainy it's ridiculous in this expensive of a book).


Another reason to dislike big comic corporations like DC and Marvel.


For those who haven't read Dial H, it's a great comic, and this edition collects it all into one hefty tome.  For readers already familiar with the dial, this doesn't answer any of the burning questions that were left at the end of this series.  Oh well.