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I dedicate this blog to comics in all forms, manga, autobio, superhero, art books, etc.  And of course, since I need a challenge, I've decided that I'll read and write (short) reviews for 365 comics during 2015.

Further Incidents

Incidents in the Night Book 2 - David B., Brian Evenson

I really liked the narrator David B. in the first Incidents in the Night, so I was devastated by the last scene of that book and wondering how we'd keep going in volume 2.


I wasn't disappointed, though I did miss David B., his disappearance started the action of the story in the right way, I also appreciated the summary of events that introduced that action, since it has been quite a while since I read the first book.


The story follows the investigation into the journal "Incidents in the Night" and the conspiracy that surrounds it.  This volume gets more into the action as a direct fight breaks out between the booksellers of Paris against The Fleet a gang of various assassins, pick pockets, killers and swindlers who follow the mysterious Travers.


The art is great, all black and white illustrations, lots of use of shadows and light to create dramatic scenes.  It's a very detailed and nuanced work that has a lot of various characters and a lot of mysteries.  It can be a bit confusing, but overall it's a very immersive story that kept my interest peaked.  This is a comic that requires a lot of attention to each panel because of the amount of detail.


Fans of Adel Blanc-Sec might find this series interesting as well.  Though not as gothic as Richard Sala's work, those who enjoy him might want to check this out too.