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I dedicate this blog to comics in all forms, manga, autobio, superhero, art books, etc.  And of course, since I need a challenge, I've decided that I'll read and write (short) reviews for 365 comics during 2015.

Wait, Whut?

Exquisite Corpse - Pénélope Bagieu

Exquisite corpse is about Zoe, a young woman whose life is going nowhere fast.  Her job has her travelling to various trade shows as a 'booth babe.' A job that is both degrading and unfulfilling.  Her boyfriend never listens to her and farts in bed.  She wants to find a gentleman who will bring her flowers and write her poetry.


Then she meets Thomas Rocher.  He treats her like a goddess and soon she's moved in.  Things, though, are not perfect, for one he won't leave his apartment.  At first she thinks his seclusion is psychological, but then she realizes the truth, the famous author, after losing the interest of the critics decided to boost his popularity by staging his own death.  Now he and Agathe, his co-conspirator, editor and ex-wife, release his books to a rabid public as newly uncovered manuscripts, supposedly posthumously published.


Thomas gets a boost of new energy with Zoe around and has started writing a new masterpiece, but promises that once he's done with it, he and Zoe will spend quality time together - no distractions, especially not Agathe.  But, with a taste of his old fame will Rocher keep his word?


The art was nice, the plot progressed well until the ending, which I didn't care for.  I felt that Zoe and Agathe were just waiting around for men to do amazing things and to take care of them, which I hated.  The twist ending also had me rolling my eyes.


This gets into the twist, so if one plans to read this and be as surprised as I was at the final scene stop reading now.


In the end, after feeling usurped in Rocher's attention by his increasingly inflated ego, Zoe and Agathe decide to strike out on their own taking Rocher's newest book and putting Zoe's  name on it.  Now once again Agathe is a top editor with a promising new talent. Their trilogy of stolen manuscripts should keep them wealthy for a long time, so the two retire to a beach to enjoy fruity cocktails and each other's undivided attention.


 Although I sympathized with Zoe's feelings of failure, hating her job and feeling like she deserved something better, I couldn't sympathize with her and Agathe stealing Rocher's work, putting their names on it and living happily ever after.  I found it pretty irritating actually.  I'm not saying that women can't be and aren't vapid, illiterate and lazy, I just don't like to read about any character who lives off others and seems to have no ideas of her own and no desire to amount to anything other than someone else's muse or conquest.


I kept waiting for Zoe and Agathe to actually kill Rocher, then claim his manuscripts, but instead they just left him to watch the news of Zoe's debut novel.  Which I suppose is actually more painful for him, but still.  It's like the couldn't be bothered to do any more work than necessary.  They're basically still living off his hard work.


I also found Zoe and Agathe's romance to be ridiculous and insulting.  There was no indication earlier than that last scene that either of them had any romantic interest in each other or any other relationships with other women.  It would have made more sense if they just high-fived at the end, don't understand why the romance had to be added in, when it made no sense and was just tossed in without any build up.