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Further Adventures of the 10th Doctor

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Vol.1 - Nick Abadzis, Elena Casagrande, Arianna Florian

For fans of David Tennant's portrayal of the the Doctor, this is the start of what looks to be an interesting new series.  Following his forced abandonment of Donna Noble, the Doctor ends up in New York, USA.  In a laundromat.


The first vol. of this new 10th Doctor series has two adventures, the first longer story introduces us to a new companion, Gabriella Gonzalez.  Gabriella or Gabby, is a smart kid who wants far more than working for the family business the rest of her life.  


Tasked with watching the Laundromat one night she witnesses as the machines whirl out of control and something otherworldly emerges to escape into the night.  No one believes her though and when she gets attacked on the subway she can hardly believe it herself.


Meetings with the Doctor do usually involve some amount of running in terror, which is the case here as she runs for her life from possessed visions of her worst nightmares.  Will she be able to hold down the fort while the Doctor solves the problems on the other side of the laundry hole?


Next, once Gabby convinces the Doctor to take her along for a ride (he always says just one, but we all know what that means), they end up on a beautiful planet of artistic works.  However, the beauty hides danger.  The two spend some more time running around, but each has their own riddles to solve and Gabby discovers something about herself.  Also there is an Ood.


I like Gabby.  She makes a good companion for the Doctor, quick witted, curious and friendly, she's not afraid to make mistakes and even though she relies occasionally on him, she's able to solve problems without the Doctor too.