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I dedicate this blog to comics in all forms, manga, autobio, superhero, art books, etc.  And of course, since I need a challenge, I've decided that I'll read and write (short) reviews for 365 comics during 2015.

One Year in America?

One Year in America - Elisabeth Belliveau, Elisabeth Belliveau

I'm not sure that it really was a year in America, since it mostly seems to take place in Canada, but the pencil drawings are really great!


I enjoyed the fragmented quality of the graphic novel, which made it really seem like a correspondence - that time was passing and things were changing throughout the book.


The art is fantastic, I especially loved the depictions of bumper stickers on the backs of cars and the pixelated effects on some of the faces.  The panels were just fun to look at and study for all the details.  The people, too, were really well done with very expressive eyes and faces.


The email correspondence narrative was also well done, giving just enough info to keep the story going without ruining the effect of the emails.


Overall a well drawn and interesting comic, though not a whole lot of tension or drama, it's a slice of life piece.  The ending is nice with the two enjoying a meal together, but I didn't feel like I'd gotten anywhere or reached a revelation or anything.