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Lord Baltimore Does Not Laugh At Danger or Anything Else

Baltimore Volume 5: The Apostle and the Witch or Harju - Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden, Ben Stenbeck

Ok, Booklikes, this is getting crazy.  What eldritch force is replacing this awesome cover with that...thing?  Is that the frontispiece?  Or the back cover?  Well, the image I've supplied is a bit better than what you've got, I dare say.  You can actually see the title!


It's been a while since I last tagged along on one of Lord Baltimore's occult adventures, and I almost didn't recognize his shaved face.  But, I was quick to recall his fight against the blasted inquisition and his last adventure where upon he blew up a train.


One of my favorite characters dies within moments of this story beginning, so that was sad, but death is a constant in this bloody and brooding series by Mike Mignola (et al.).  Fans of Hellboy will enjoy the similar theme and subject of this series, though it stays more on the serious side, there is very little scratch that, there is no humor.  Lord Baltimore is not one to literally laugh at danger and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't know a pun if it crawled out of the grave.  So, as far as that goes he's a very different type of hero from Hellboy, there are no cigars, he seems to have no interest in romance.  Vengeance fuels his character and there is no room for canoodling.  


Though, there is a little light and hope presented in this volume, we are introduced to Sofia Valk, at first she seems to be just another widow, her husband died and came back as a demon, intent on continuing to harm her into the afterlife.  However, throughout the comic she stands her ground to fight the creatures summoned by the Witch of Harju and when Baltimore and his entourage leave to pursue the Red King she joins with them.  I'm interested in seeing how she affects the rest of the party and evolves over the rest of this series.


Art by Peter Bergting, is awesome.  Check out his other books: