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Connection Disruption

Kokoro Connect Vol. 3 - Anda Sadanatsu, CUTEG

Kokoro Connect gets more serious in vol. 3, which leaves me wondering how long this series will continue.  So far we've had quite a lot of character development in just three short volumes, we've come so far and already the characters find themselves facing life and death decisions, involving each others lives!


Iori and Taichi have been moving steadily forward in their romance, but just as Taichi gets enough courage to ask Iori out, tragedy strikes...or rather Heartseed strikes.  Not only causing Iori to fall into the river, he also switches Taichi with Yui so that she's not fast enough to react to the situation and Iori ends up in the hospital.


As the kids are gathered waiting to hear about Iori's condition Heartseed approaches them and lets them in on a secret, Iori's body is dying, but her soul doesn't have to, one of them could take her place and die in her body, leaving her alive in theirs.  But, of course, it's up to them to decide who's soul will be in that dying body.


It's billed as a romantic comedy, but also has science fiction elements and though there are many humorous moments, there are more serious considerations about identity, friendship and relationships, which are much more deeply explored than most shoujo comedy manga.  The plot actually has a lot of substance.


I'd recommend this series for teens and adults who are looking for more plot based, serious manga stories involving high school life and relationships.