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I dedicate this blog to comics in all forms, manga, autobio, superhero, art books, etc.  And of course, since I need a challenge, I've decided that I'll read and write (short) reviews for 365 comics during 2015.

Vampire with a Heart of Cake

Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula - Andi Watson

Princess Decomposia's dad, King Wulfrun, has been sick for a long time, so it's up to Dee to meet delegations from the Werewolves and Yokai, read and sign important documents and take care of all the needs in the kingdom, including those of Wulfrun himself, a man who is so picky he's been reduced to one type of packaged soup and kippers.  And only then when they've been prepared right.


It all comes to a head when Cook quits, tired of the Wulfrun's terrible disposition and Decomposia must still meet the annoyed delegations who'd rather be speaking to the "real ruler."  


Luckily Count Spatula applies for the Cook's position and Decomposia takes him on after he wows her with a cupcake produced from his chef hat.  Don't worry, he's got a sweet tooth, which caused his fangs to fall out, he'd never harm Decomposia!


But, Wulfrun's not so easily convinced.  Not only is the Count seducing his daughter, but he's changing the menus!  This must be stopped!


It's a cute story, but also pretty realistic.  I really enjoyed Decomposia and Count Spatula, but King Wulfrun made me want to punch someone, he was so frustrating.  Decomposia has to face some pretty unpleasant truths, that in the end she has to be responsible even though she's still just a kid, she can't rely on the adult in her life.  She has to learn how to trust others too, and not just assume that she's the only one who can complete all the tasks of ruling, even though she can't trust her own dad.  King Wulfrun also doesn't just flip his leaf over in a snap either, he has to work for it.  In the end I'm not sure if he really learned any lesson, in fact I don't think selfish narcissists can change, so I hope he gets eaten by a Yokai.


I liked the pen and ink art as well, the variety of the characters was fun.  There were some pretty word heavy panels, but they didn't end up weighing the story down at all.