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Lewis and Clark in the Weird(est) West

Manifest Destiny Volume 1( Flora & Fauna)[MANIFEST DESTINY V01][Paperback] - ChrisDingess

The weird west has been around for a while now.  This is certainly not the first, nor will it be the last time Lewis and Clark encounter the weird on their historical journey.


This is the first time I've ever seen a Buffalotaur though.  


Though I can't say this premise isn't a little predictable and the story isn't a little derivative, I also can't say that I wasn't entertained either.  


I am a little weirded out by Sacagawea, who was pretty much the only one who was able to kick butt in these pages.  It seems that she is already 'carrying the seed' (eww.) of Toussaint Charbonneau, which follows true history, but something creepy seems to be the plan for Sacagawea and her baby rather than just a need for her as a translator.


Also, it didn't seem like she was very interested in translating, but more keen to kill than talk.


I found the dynamic between Lewis and Clark to be interesting and the author/illustrator didn't shy away from showing just how the expedition discovered and examined the world around them, shooting birds from the sky and asking questions through autopsy rather than interviews.


The plant zombie things too, were interesting if not original, though I did enjoy the use of the plant to shed a light on the inner workings of the two heroes (who again must be rescued by Sacagawea.


Overall, I'm interested enough to keep reading this series, we'll see how it works out in the end.